About Us

Upon4 is a clothing brand started to make tshirts more than just a daily commodity. Instead of providing a thousand meaningless designs that you don't like we come up with 10 designs that carry a meaning & convey a sense when you wear them.

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What we do?

We make tees in a limited quantities for a design and not flood the market where everyone is wearing the same design.

So, our every customer can be confident that what they are wearing in literally unique to them.

Our Team

We are team five people who are fascinated by cool designed T-shirts and want everyone to own one. We love assisting college students with their design and printing of T-shirts. Our motto of fearless experimentation helps us to move forward and dive into uncharted territory. We often exchange our hats of expertise to accomplish our mission.


IIT Gandhinagar, Palaj

Gandhinagar, Gujarat 382355

+91 88906 12881